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LGBTQI Americans

The library offers this guide to resources as a way to support student understanding and awareness of history, culture, and contributions of LGBTQI Americans


LGBTQI Americans encompass a diverse group in terms of race, ethnic or cultural identity, age, gender expression, physical mobility, national identity, and religion. Even the criteria that seemingly defines them as a group, sexual or gender identity, shows a wide range of differences. Generally, sex and sexuality relate to the physical body and identity, while gender relates to social identity. Issues and interests of LGBTQI focus on civil and human rights, health, economic and political equity, protection from violence or hate crimes, legal issues, public access and accommodation, and social issues. The acronym usually stands for:

  • L = Lesbian
  • G = Gay
  • B = Bisexual
  • T = Transsexual
  • Q = Queer or Questioning
  • I = Intersex

At CR, a great resource for information and support is the Multicultural and Equity Center.

There are a huge number of websites and organizations that can help you find information relating to LGBTQI issues, whether you are researching for class assignments or personal interest. The various tabs in this guide will provide resources on different specific issues, but the following sites cover a broad spectrum of issues and topics:

Useful Search Terms

Before diving into a search, consider what words best describe your interest or topic. Consult your textbook, class notes, or assignment guidelines for topic ideas. Correct spelling is important for best search results.

Also try:

  • Varied combinations of search words
  • Singular and plural forms
  • Variant spellings
  • Personal names of important or famous people


Combine group words with topic or format words, such as students, advertising, business, demographics, economics, education, health, history, humor, law, medicine, military, music, poetry, politics, religion, soldiers, sports, statistics, theater, traditions, videos, etc.

Classes relating to Gender, Sexual Orientation, and related topics

There are a wide range of classes that cover topics that relate closely to LGBTQI issues.  The list below is not comprehensive, but it will give you some idea of courses that may be of interest:

  • PSYCH 3 Psychology of Sexuality
  • PSYCH 33  Personal Growth and Development
  • SOC 2 Social Problems
  • SOC 3 Human Sexuality
  • SOC 9 Introduction to Women's Studies
  • SOC 10  Sociology of Family and Intimate Relationships
  • Any of the Anthropology, History, Political Science classes
  • Most classes like Communications, English 1A, Sociology, Psychology… that require a paper or project for research.

Related Research Guides

The following guides may also provide relevant sources of information or topic ideas.

Citation Styles

Always ask your instructor what citation style should be used for research projects. See below for links to helpful resources.