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Library Services for Faculty

The library offers services to faculty that support your students' success and learning outcomes

Library instruction

Students don't automatically know how to use the library!

If your students need to do research, whether for a formal paper, a speech, or a group project, they will benefit from some instruction in how to access library resources. Research shows that best time to provide library instruction is shortly after the research assignment has been provided and explained to the students, and after they have had some time to think of some topics.

We have several different ways of providing instruction in library skills, even for classes that are being taught online. See the Delivery Options box (below) for information about how we can work with your class to help them succeed!

Faculty who wish to schedule a library instruction session in an in-person class should fill out the Library Instruction Request Form.

  • Download the form to your computer so that you can fill in the fields.  
  • Fill out one request form for each section you wish to request. For duplicate requests for different sections, you can save a partially completed form with the shared information, and then fill out and submit it separately for each section.
  • Please email the form to
  • You will get a confirmation back from Jessica Herrera once your session is finalized.

Library Instruction Delivery Options

The library has a course shell in The Canvas Commons called  "Information Literacy", from which instructors can copy modules into their own courses

  • Librarian-developed material to teach research skills including academic integrity, citation, and more.
  • Aligned with national standards for information competency
  • Can easily be embedded into Canvas by faculty using instructions belo

To embed information literacy modules into your Canvas course click the link below to the module you would like to add. Select the blue button labeled "import/download". Choose the Canvas course(s) you would like to add the module to. Click the blue "import to this course" button. 


The library is in the process of developing a series of library instruction sessions that will be delivered synchronously for online courses and students.  Each workshop will address elements of library research typically covered in classroom based library instruction sessions - accessing the databases and doing a basic search, how to broaden or narrow the results, how to identify scholarly articles, etc.  Sessions will be scheduled at a variety of times with the same content repeated, so that students can attend the session that best fits their schedule. 


LIBR 5 - Research Skills

Library 5 is the library's for-credit course in the research skills students need to succeed in college and daily life.  Taught by the library faculty, this course gives students the hands-on skills they need as well as the conceptual framework and critical thinking skills needed to adapt to the changing information landscape in the modern age.

  • One unit
  • Transferrable
  • Online
  • Late start