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Library Services for Faculty

The library offers services to faculty that support your students' success and learning outcomes

Got questions? Need help?

Librarians and library staff are here to help you and your students. Got questions? We have answers!

You can reach us in a variety of ways - email, online chat, phone, or dropping into the library all work. 

Refer Students

If your students report having difficulty finding adequate relevant and reliable information for their research topics, refer them to the library to consult with a reference librarian. We can then help the student find suitable sources that meet the assignment requirements, OR, verify if there truly is very little or no information. This is very rare, but it does occur. Librarians can also then help students modify their topic and/or find a topic that has an adequate scope. We want to help your students succeed.


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Chat with a librarian for research help. 

 If chat is offline, click the chat icon to be redirected to a form that will email your question to the Library. If you are using a public or shared computer to access our chat service, please remember to select  "Clear Chat History" when done so that your information is not accessible to other  users.

How-To's for Faculty

Librarians can show you how to

  • post a link to a specific article that you want students to read, from any of our online databases
  • craft a strategic search for specific topic
  • save that search strategy and re-run it anytime
  • set up a "search alert" for all new results
  • follow a specific journal title in any of our online databases
  • get alerts and/or the Table of Contents emailed to you when a new issue is released