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About the Library

Library policies, services, and collections

Use of Library Materials

All CR students, faculty and staff are automatically entered into the library's computer system and have borrowing privileges at the library, as well as the ability to access databases and other electronic resources through the library website from off-campus.  Community members may apply for a library card that allows them to borrow library materials for home use.  Community members will not be able to access library databases and electronic resources unless they come in to use a library computer workstation.

Borrowing Periods and Fines

General Collection

Books: 3 week loan period
DVDs: 3 week loan period

Magazines:  Current issue does not circulate; older issues have a 3 week loan period

Reserve Collection

Textbooks:  2 hour loan period; late charge $5 per day
Calculators, headphones, and other equipment:  3 hour loan period; late charge $5 per day

Semester loans: Limited numbers of textbooks for certain classes are available for semester-long loans


Laptop Lending Library

             For information about computer checkouts, please see the Internet & Computer Use tab of this guide.

Study Rooms  

          Study rooms may be checked out on a first come first served basis, check-outs are for 2 hours at a time,

         rooms may be renewed  for 1 hour increments after that if rooms are available. Room rentals will be prioritized

         for students over community members.           


Theft of Library Materials

The Library's mission depends on its continued ability to preserve materials for present and future use. Therefore it is library policy that theft and attempted theft shall be treated seriously.Theft or concealment of library materials for purposes of theft are offenses proscribed by California Penal Code § 490.5 and are violations of College of the Redwoods regulations.

Lost or Damaged Items

  • General collection and term reserve items more than 60 days late will be considered lost and will be billed for replacement at the rates listed below. 2 hour reserve items will be considered lost and billed after 10 days. Amounts listed include a $10 processing fee.  

Books - $50 per item
Calculators - $120 per item
DVDs - $50 per item
Magazines - $20 per item
Reserve materials - $120 per item

Chromebook - $310 per computer
Laptop computers - $750 - $1420 per computer

  • Damaged items will be assessed by library staff and charges will be levied based on the extent of the damage, up to the replacement cost of the item listed above. 
  • Once items are billed, fees must be paid to the Business Office Cashier in order to clear your record (returning the item to the library will not remove the charge). 
  • Failure to pay outstanding fees may result in the Redwoods Community College District withholding diplomas, records, and/or registration privileges. See Board Policy 5035 for additional details. 
  • Once an item is considered lost the library will no longer accept the item back in place of paying the fee except in special circumstances and at the discretion of the library director.
  • Patrons with lost item(s) fees totaling $250 or more, or who fail to return a 2 hour reserve item, may have their borrowing privileges revoked until fees have been paid.
  • Appeals will be decided on a case by case basis at the discretion of the library director. If you believe you were wrongfully charged for an item that was returned or are seeking that a fee be waived because of special circumstances please contact us as soon as possible.