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Tutoring and Academic Assistance

Faculty Tutors


Shannon Mondor has been an English instructor at College of the Redwoods since 2008. She grew up in southern New Hampshire. Her first vinyl record album was Thriller by Michael Jackson, upon whom she had a massive unrequited crush. She got her BA in British Literature and her secondary teaching credential in English at Middlebury College in Vermont, her Master’s Degree in the Teaching of Writing at Humboldt State University, and advanced to candidacy as a doctoral student in Language and Rhetoric at the University of Washington in Seattle. She has loved being a transplanted resident of the North Coast for over twenty years. She enjoys teaching English 1A, English 1S, a variety of literature courses as they come up, and looks forward to teaching English 2A sometime soon. She prefers teaching books that have racial justice themes because she views racial inequality as the most pressing challenge of society. Shannon has been tutoring students across the college on their writing assignments in every discipline for the ASC for five years.  She serves on the Academic Senate in her third term as one of the part-time faculty representatives, chairs the Associate Faculty Committee, (AFC,) is the Secretary for the CRFO and also an elected part-time representative for the union. She loves hiking, biking, ceramics, cooking, gardening, reading, groovy jazz, binge watching psychological thrillers, and walking her bestie Kiva, a 12-year-old German Shepherd.


Robyn Roberson has been an English instructor at College of the Redwoods since 2005. She received her BA from University of Washington and her MA in English with a minor in American Indian Education from Humboldt State University. She earned a multiple subject teaching credential from Pacific Union College and a single subject credential from Humboldt State University. Before teaching at the college, Robyn was a reporter for the Independent Coast Observer in Mendocino County, and she taught middle school English in Napa and Vallejo for three years. Robyn’s English 1A focuses on the environment and environmental justice themes. Action must be taken now regarding climate change. Her favorite activities include gardening, learning guitar, playing tennis, hiking and chilling with her 10-year old McNab Daisy. You can often find them cruising around Arcata Marsh or the local beaches.

Peer Tutors


Special Programs Tutors


Contemporary Math, Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Chemistry, Physics

Trevor Keiber has been with the math department at CR for 5 semester and has taught classes such as MATH-304, MATH-10, MATH-30, MATH-15. He is currently teaching MATH-15 again this spring! Trevor is an Arcata local who graduated from HSU with a triple major in math, chemistry, and physics. He earned an MS from University of Oregon in physical chemistry and his PhD in physics at UC Santa Cruz. During his postdoc at UC San Diego, he studied strongly correlated electron phenomena.

ASC Staff

Tutoring Center Coordinator / Statistics Tutor
Emily Chang is the ASC's Tutoring Center Coordinator and stats tutor. She can help you learn stats with a calculator, R Statistics, and any other online tool. She has taught MATH-15 and MATH-120 at CR and HSU. She is also currently taking an online stats class and learning Python. Emily's goal is to remind students that they are confident, independent learners (who love math).

Testing Center Coordinator / Spanish Tutor
In 2012, Steven Walker graduated from Humboldt State University with a degree in Spanish. He is now a Spanish tutor and test proctor for College of the Redwoods, and he greatly enjoys his job interacting with students and providing instructional assistance to those in need. He has two lizards, a gecko named Larry and a bearded anole named Gilroy.