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Native Americans: Library Materials

The library offers this guide to resources as a way to support student understanding and awareness of history, culture, and contributions of Native Americans

Introduction to Library Materials

Library Materials

Many useful resources are available in the College of the Redwoods Library, including books, reference books, eBooks, and videos. Additional resources may be available at the Del Norte or Humboldt County Libraries and Cal Poly Humboldt Library. Visit those libraries' websites to search their catalogs. Use OneSearch to find books and other resources about your topic in the CR library and selected, college-level resources on the web.

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E-books are available to you whether you are on or off campus.  They are easily located by using the library's OneSearch catalog system.  To locate e-books on this topic, enter the title of one of the books listed here or use some of the suggested search words to identify other books of interest, and then limit your results to items that are "available" online.

Here are some suggested titles for Native American studies and  research ideas: 


Circulating DVDs are located on the shelves beside the Reference Desk. They can be checked out.

E77.F596 2004 500 Nations Discs 1-4 (EU and DN) 

E77.W417 2009 We shall remain: America through native eyes  Discs 1-3 (EU and DN) 

E98.G18 C24 2005 California's lost tribes  (EU)

E98.L3 S22 1977 American Indian's Sacred Ground (EU)

Reserve Books Recommended by Instructors, Library Use Only

Circulating and General Collection Books

Reference Books for In Library Use Only

Call Numbers

Library of Congress Subject Headings are the call numbers used at College of the Redwoods. The
Dewey Decimal Classification system is used at the Humboldt County Public Library and most other public libraries. 

Use the suggested search words or any words relating to your topic, use the suggested call number ranges to browse for titles of interest, or consult the list of recommended books below.

Call number range: E 50 - 100 covers the history of the North American continent, from prehistory to current, with books on the various tribes in order by region, state, or tribal group.

Be sure to also check in the Oversize collection, these are larger books that require a larger shelf. Books with large illustrations, charts, and diagrams are more likely to be oversize.

Before diving into a search, consider what words best describe your interest or topic. Consult your textbook, class notes, or assignment guidelines for topic ideas. Correct spelling is important for best search results.

Also try:

  • Varied combinations of search words
  • Singular and plural forms
  • Variant spellings
  • Names of specific tribes or organizations
  • Personal names of important of famous people

Also try:

Combine ethnic group words with topic words, such as students, advertising, business, demographics, economics, health, history, humor, law, medicine, military, music, poetry, politics, religion, soldiers, sports, statistics, theater, traditions, women, etc.

‚ÄčSome search words for local tribes are listed below.

  • Hupa or Hoopa (Hupa refers to the people and the language, Hoopa is the place name)
  • Karuk or Karok  (Karuk is the current spelling, older materials will appear in a search for Karok)
  • Klamath
  • Tolowa
  • Wiyot
  • Yurok

Other Libraries and Resources

Books and resources at other libraries

Humboldt County Library  Any Humboldt County resident can get a free public library card. Use your HCL library card number as your password.

Humboldt County Library uses the dewey decimal system call numbers and 900's include American Indians. 

Humboldt State University Library

HSU Library uses the same call numbering system as CR Library.To get an HSU library card, if you are not enrolled as an HSU student or employed by HSU, you must pay a fee.