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How to do Research: Start Here

Research is a process of inquiry: Asking questions, following the answers

Research Projects, the easy way from start to finish

Whether your assignment is for a written paper, a speech, a demonstration or presentation, a film or a digital media production, there is an easy way to find a suitable topic, and to get the information you need. The process outlined in this guide will help you. Follow the tabs across the top to develop your knowledge and understanding of the issues and problems relevant to your topic, and you will be able to confidently write or speak about it in your final product. Each tab describes a phase in the research process:

  • People: Conversation helps you form your ideas
  • Internet: What's trending, what's popular
  • Encyclopedias: Well-organized outlines of facts and basic, background information
  • Summaries and reports: Bias-free, often with pro / con outlines
  • Books: Broad overviews and in-depth analysis
  • About Articles:  What is an Article? Specific arguments, experiments, analysis, reporting on events, and scholarly research.
  • Finding Articles: Strategies for searching effectively, and how to cite your sources correctly
  • Good to Know: good advice that may help prevent some of the most common problems that students confront
  • More Help: because there's always more! More information, more ways to find it, more things that might confuse or distract you. Don"t be shy about asking for help.

Citation Styles

Always ask your instructor what citation style should be used for research projects. See below for links to helpful resources.

Helpful Handouts & Guides


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