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Bias, Fake News, Hoaxes, & Lies

Strategies and guidelines for detecting bias, lies, fake news, misinformation, propaganda. Don't be fooled!

Real News

In real news reporting, the news anchor, announcer, or lead media personality (who may not be a journalist) states the facts, and may summarize reactions to those facts from differing political perspectives or from different countries. Some announcers may be more likable than others, but likability is not a good indicator for accuracy, reliability, or fairness. Always check the biographies of news anchors and panelists before accepting their opinions or perceptions. Look for their credentials as a journalist. See if they have won any awards.

Journalists & Journalism

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About News & the Media in the United States

These videos provide some history and background of the news media profession and industry, with thoughts for the future. From wireless or off campus internet connections, use the slider to scroll the window and login with your Web Advisor ID and eight digit birth date.


The Media: Inside Story- Democracy in America: This program explores the media as an integral part of American democracy, highlighting the scrutiny they impose on the performance of public officials, the interdependence of politics and the media, and the power the media wields in selecting the news. (27:44)

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Framework for Democracy - The Fourth Estate: The news media in the United States has changed significantly over time--moving from a period of objective journalism to one of critical journalism. Examine factors that have led to the changes and evaluate the role and responsibility of news media today. (26:41) 

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Stop the Presses:  What will the future of journalism look like? The fall of some of the biggest print publications has coincided with the rise of internet giants, but there is no money to be made from free content. Is the biggest reach all that matters, and if so, how does investigative journalism compete with cats in hats? From paper boys to social networking, this documentary delves into the brave new world of journalism. (48 minutes)

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