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Bias, Fake News, Hoaxes, & Lies

Strategies and guidelines for detecting bias, lies, fake news, misinformation, propaganda. Don't be fooled!

Sources across the political spectrum

Many sources of information, analysis, and commentary have been in service to the public and consumers for decades. Most publications will make their position on the political spectrum clear to readers, if not through an explicit "About Us" statement, then at least it will be fairly easy for regular readers to discern where that source stands on the left-right continuum. However, for most of us who have not read or followed that source very often, it can be hard to tell what the source's bias is from just one page, or article, or video presentation. There are people and organizations who have done that for you and below are some lists of sources and where they stand on the left-right political spectrum. Sources are listed alphabetically by name.

Media Sources: Left or left leaning

Media Sources: Mainstream or centrist

Media Sources: Right or right leaning