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Bias, Fake News, Hoaxes, & Lies

Strategies and guidelines for detecting bias, lies, fake news, misinformation, propaganda. Don't be fooled!

Definitions, summaries, and background info

Know what you are talking about, and understand what others are saying, by studying the basic definition of terms used when discussing, analyzing, problem-solving on topics related to bias, lies, fraud, and fake news.

  • What's the difference between advertising, propaganda, persuasion, and public relations?
  • What is meant by infotainment?
  • How do we define media bias? 

Each of the links below jumps to short, accurate, informative definitions, with links to follow for further study. All of the links are to college level, reliable sources. You may be prompted for your WebAdvisor ID number and your eight digit birth date.

Links to definitions, A - L

Real News about Fake News

Linked below are some articles documenting sources of fake news, who's doing it, where they come from, and why.