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Career Exploration

Resources online and in the library for career exploration, planning, goal setting, accomplishment

Career Exploration

"What do I want to be when I grow up?" is a question everyone asks, but it's too broad and too vague for most of us to really answer in a meaningful way. This guide offers a combination of resources for personal exploration, to help you learn about yourself, and background research in careers, to help you learn about what kinds of work there is to do. 

This guide focuses on general resources for exploring careers.  You may find additional materials related to specific career fields by looking through the library's research guides for those areas (such as Construction Technology, Forestry, Science, Psychology, etc.) - many of them have links to professional associations and organizations within the field.  In addition, you should check out the resources in the CR Career Center (use the link below).

Useful and Relevant Search Words

These are some of the more effective search words relevant to career exploration, planning, and college or other training. However, always start with your own words that best describe what you want to find. Use specific words. Use only one or two words. Try both plural and singular forms. Try varying combinations. Try words for specific issues relevant to the topic.Try both technical and common usage words:

  • Career change
  • Career exploration
  • College graduates employment
  • Cover letters
  • Interviewing
  • Resume writing
  • Vocational guidance
  • Vocational training


  • Combine a subject word with the word career, for example, try agriculture career; sociology career; or sports career
  • Try synonyms, for example, sports, athletes, athletics, kinesiology, physical education
  • Try both singular and plural forms

The search terms listed above can be used in Google, but you'll find more reliable and authoritative sources searching in the library's OneSearch catalog - or in Credo Reference, an online collection of reference and research sources.  Use the box below to access Credo's Jobs and Careers resources, or access OneSearch from the Library Materials tab on this guide.  (You may be asked to login using your CR email address and password).

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