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Mental Health & Suicide Prevention

Achieve and maintain mental & emotional health, help prevent or assist in mental health crisis situations

CR Who to call & What to do

College of the Redwoods Suicide Intervention Protocol

Warning signs include self-harming behavior, threats, thoughts, plan, or history of attempts, expressed in person, over the phone, in emails, or in writing.

First, ask if they have a plan or intention to harm themselves.

IF NO, there is no plan or intent to harm, but distress or struggle is evident, contact the CR Behavior Intervention Team (BIT) immediately

IF YES, or if you are reluctant to ask the question directly, but you assess the risk is medium to high-

  • Cell or off campus phones call Eureka 707-476-4111 or Del Norte 707-476-2111
  • Eureka, on campus phones 4111
  • Del Norte, on campus phones 2111
  • Contact BIT (see contacts above) and follow BIT recommendations

If there is a suicide attempt:

  • Clear the area but DO NOT LEAVE THE PERSON ALONE
  • Call 911
  • Remain at the site until help arrives
  • If possible, contact BIT and Public Safety (contacts above)

CR Non-emergency help

Mental Health Therapist:  The college has mental health services available to students by arrangement.  Students should text, email, or fax Shawna Bell directly for scheduling and/or services.

Text: 707-496-2856
Fax: 707-237-2318 (voicemail can be left via fax)

Behavior Intervention Team (BIT):  the Behavior Intervention Team provides prevention, intervention and resources for students in an effort to address student behavioral issues and promote academic success and safety through appropriate and timely responses. Behavior Intervention Team at CR, for non-emergency assistance, email or 

Short-Term and Crisis Counseling:  in the event that you have students in need of immediate attention, please refer them to the Counseling/Advising Center.  Counselors are prepared to provide immediate assistance when possible.  Call the Counseling Center at x4150 or students can drop by the Counseling & Advising window in the Administration Building.

CR Tip Line:  a tip line to report suspicious or unwanted behavior is available at 476-4555.  Calls can be made anonymously