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Here you will find library and internet resources for research on topics and themes around Poetry



With this guide, you will find information about Poetry presenting a rich variety of books, ebooks, articles, and websites. The College of the Redwoods does not offer a degree in poetry but may offer credit for classes about poetry that could apply to your educational pursuits.  

International Festival of Poetry

Christiane St-Pierre, Festival International de la Poesie

Poetry, literature that evokes a concentrated imaginative awareness of experience or a specific emotional response through language chosen and arranged for its meaning, sound, and rhythm. 

Poetry is a vast subject, as old as history and older, present wherever religion is present, possibly—under some definitions—the primal and primary form of languages themselves. The present article means only to describe in as general a way as possible certain properties of poetry and of poetic thought regarded as in some sense independent modes of the mind. Naturally, not every tradition nor every local or individual variation can be—or need be—included, but the article illustrates by examples of poetry ranging between nursery rhyme and epic. This article considers the difficulty or impossibility of defining poetry; man’s nevertheless familiar acquaintance with it; the differences between poetry and prose; the idea of form in poetry; poetry as a mode of thought; and what little may be said in prose of the spirit of poetry. (Britannica Online).

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Always ask your instructor what citation style should be used for research projects. See below for links to helpful resources.

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