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Here you will find library and internet resources for research on topics and issues in Music


College of the Redwoods offers educational opportunities in the field of music. Instructional classes include instrument introductions for voice, piano, and guitar, along with group instruction for jazz orchestra, concert band, and choir. Conceptual classes include classes devoted to music in history and basic musicianship. Many courses are transferrable to the UC and/or CSU systems. Consult with a counselor or check the CR course catalog for more details.  

Narrowing and Focusing Topics

BROAD TOPICS are generally phrases that describe a big idea or thing:

  • Gun control
  • Immigration
  • Global warming
  • Healthcare

RESTRICTED TOPICS may only be one part of the broad topic or they may link two different ideas.  In the examples below, “water pollution” is a particular type of pollution; “Nutrition and pregnancy” links the broad topic of nutrition with pregnancy to focus it.

NARROWED TOPICS give your research more focus.  In the examples below, “Pollution in San Francisco Bay” is still looking at “water pollution” – but only water pollution in a particular location.  “Commercial salmon fishing” is looking at the salmon fishing industry, rather than at sport fishing.

As you do your research, you need to ask very specific, focused questions to find out the information for your paper.

  • You will usually need to ask very specific, focused questions to find out the information for your paper.
  • Your questions should generally ask for facts, not opinions, (if your questions start with "Should", you're asking for an opinion!)
  • Remember:  Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How?

Who     =   People
What    =   Facts; causes and effects
When   =   Time
Where  =   Place(s) or geographical information
Why     =   Reasons
How     =   Methods (How many, How much = Statistics, amounts)

How to broaden, restrict, and focus research questions.

Broad Topic

Restricted Topic

Narrowed Topic

Focused Research Question #1

Focused Research Question #2

Pollution water pollution pollution in San Francisco Bay What is the most common pollutant in the bay? Where does the pollution come from?
Fishing salmon fishing commercial salmon fishing When can fisherman legally catch wild salmon? Why don't people only eat farm raised salmon?
Nutrition nutrition and pregnancy vegetarian diets and pregnancy How much protein does a pregnant woman need to eat daily? What foods will provide the most protein in a vegetarian diet?