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World History: Home

Here you will find library and internet resources for research on topics and issues in World History


World history is the focus of this libguide. Programs in the history field prepare students for transfer to four year programs in the California State University systems for majors, baccalaureates, or preparation for Master’s degrees. History degrees can lead to future employment such as writers, authors, editors, postsecondary teachers, high school teachers, archivists, curators, museum workers, social science or humanities researchers, and cultural resource managers or policy analysts. The library supports student success in these programs by providing selected resources. 

Introduction to Library Materials

This page lists useful resources that are available in the College of the Redwoods Library, including books, reference books, Ebooks, and videos in streaming online or DVD format. Additional resources may be available at the Del Norte or Humboldt County Libraries and Humboldt State University Library. Visit those libraries' websites to search their catalogs. Use the link below to find books and other resources about your topic in the CR library and selected, college-level resources on the web.

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Remote Login Required

If you are off campus or using a wireless device while on campus, you may be prompted to login to get into the database. This is what you will see:

Remote login is required to prove that you are a student at College of the Redwoods, because these library databases are not free, open website available to anyone. Library resources are valuable and often expensive, because the information provided is reliable, credible, and based on a lot of work by many people. The library pays for student, faculty, and staff access.

For Del Norte and Distance Education students

Online resources are set up to be accessible to all students from any location at any time. You may be prompted to login using your WebAdvisor ID and your eight digit birth date.  Physical format books from Eureka can be requested and delivered to Del Norte, and vice versa. 

Historical Images

Wall art in India (Rajasthan monument) and in Portugal (Batalha Dominican medieval monastery).

Citation Styles

Always ask your instructor what citation style should be used for research projects. See below for links to helpful resources.