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Here you will find library and internet resources for research on topics and issues in Geology


Information on Geology will be useful in a degree or certificate program, for additional or supplemental information for any course or program, for research projects that focus on topics in the subject, or for personal interest, enjoyment, and enrichment.

Search Terms

These are some of the terms that students may need for an Geology research project. Other terms may be useful in addition to those listed below. Use specific words. Use only one or two words. Try both plural and singular forms. Try varying combinations.

  • Age dating
  • Earth
  • Earth crust
  • Earthquake
  • Ecological
  • Environment
  • Extinction
  • Fault line
  • Fossil
  • Geologic hazard
  • Geologic map
  • Geology
  • Landform
  • Landform
  • Landslide
  • Minerals
  • Mitigation
  • Mountain building
  • Origins
  • Paleogeography
  • Plate tectonics
  • Response
  • Rocks
  • Sedimentary
  • Sustainability
  • Topographic map
  • Tsunami
  • Volcano
  • Water
  • Wind


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Citation Styles

Always ask your instructor what citation style should be used for research projects. See below for links to helpful resources.