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E-books: Accessing and Using

This guide shows you how to use each of the different kinds of E-books available at the CR Library

About CREDO Reference E-books

CREDO is a database of over 1200 reference books, such as encyclopedias, and subject-specific resource books. Newer editions are added as available. Search by title or subject, or search across and within the full text of all the e-books in the collection. In addition to e-books, CREDO provides Topic Pages, where all information relevant to a topic, issue, problem, controversy, or key person, place, or event, are collected. CREDO also provides links to other sources of information about the topic from other library resources or from the web.

Searching and finding

  • After launching the CREDO database, click the “Find a Book” link in the top toolbar.  
  • Look at the "Narrow Your Book Results" menu to find the best subject match for your topic or area of interest, and click the subject to view books about that subject.


  • OR, from the "Find a Book" page, use the "Title Contains" box to find books with your search word in the title 


  • Click the book title to see the contents. Use the links below the book cover picture to see the  Table of Contents, the subject headings, or to see images or people in the book
  • Search within the book by using the search box on the right, "Search within this title."
  • Scroll down to open and read individual pages, chapters, articles, or sections. You must be online to read the books.


  • Look for the Email, Print, or Save options. Notice the "Permalink" option. Use this link if you want to copy and past links into an email or document. The link in the browser location bar will not work. If you only want one book, use these options.

Save, Email, Print, and get Citations

  • Use the SAVE option for pages, sections, articles, or chapters. You can save multiple books. When you are done selecting and saving, go to the "Saved Results" link along the top menu. You can then choose from a variety of save, print, or email options, listed under the "Action" menu. Notice also the "Format option" for citation styles.