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OER Textbook List: No Cost Texts for Your Classes!

The books listed below are all available electronically at no cost to students. Click on the title of the book to access it electronically from your computer or mobile device.  In many cases, print copies of these books are also available in the library.  See the library homepage for hours and contact information to request them. 

Please note that this list may not include all the books required for a course - some classes will require you to purchase one or two books but will have additional readings listed here that are available at no cost.  In other cases, there will be additional readings provided by the instructor in Canvas.  Your class syllabus will list all books and materials required for your class.  Books you are required to purchase can be found in the College Bookstore.

Open Educational Resources (OERs) are textbooks available to students online at no cost through a Creative Commons license. (Some OERs can also be purchased in print for a nominal fee through the college bookstore.)

No Cost Books are eBooks that the college library has purchased so students can access them through OneSearch at no cost to the student.  Many of these items serve as electronic reserve materials. Access from off-campus or from mobile devices may require you to login. Many of these eBooks are only available for one person to use at a time.  Please remember to close out of the eBook when you are finished so other students can use it! 

Addiction Studies

ADCT 15 (Altschuler) Becoming an Addictions Counselor (EBSCO; 3 users)


ANTH 4 (Garwin) Ozark Magic and Folklore (EBSCO; 1 user); Vampires, Burial, and Death (EBSCO; 1 user)


ASTRO 10, 11, 30, & 99  (PedicinoAstronomy (OER)

Automotive Technology

AT 30 (Shull) Automotive Automatic Transmission and Transaxles (EBSCO; 1 user)


BIOL 1 (Best; Morrow; Orr; Reiner) Concepts of Biology (OER)

BIOL 1 (Callahan) Biology 2e (OER)

BIOL 2 (Callahan; Kelly; LaPenta) Microbiology (OER)

BIOL 3 (LaPenta) Biology 2e (OER)

BIOL 5 (Morrow) Botany (OER); Photographic Atlas (OER); Lab Manual (OER)

BIOL 6 (Basist; Jackson) Anatomy & Physiology (OER)

BIOL 7 (Holtski; Jackson; Riggs) Anatomy & Physiology (OER)

BIOL 8 (Callahan) Biology 2e (OER)

BIOL 20 (Reiss) Trees and Shrubs of California (EBSCO; 1 user); The California Naturalist Handbook (EBSCO; unlimited users)

BIOL 21 (Morgan; Morrow) Mushrooms of the Redwood Coast (EBSCO; 1 user)


CHEM 100 (Keiber) Introductory Chemistry (OER)

Communication Studies

COMM 1 (Lancaster) Speak Out, Call In (OER)

COMM 1 (Pearson) Public Speaking: The Virtual Text (OER)

COMM 1 (Reitzel) Stand Up, Speak Out (OER)

COMM 1 (Sayles) Exploring Public Speaking 4th ed. (OER)

COMM 6 (Sayles) An Introduction to Group Communication (OER); Small Group Communication: Forming & Sustaining Teams (OER); Dare to Lead (EBSCO; 1 user)

COMM 7 (Chick) Interpersonal Communication (OER)

COMM 7 (Lancaster) Interpersonal Communication (OER); Dare to Lead (EBSCO; 1 user)

COMM 7 (Mohammadi; Sayles) Dare to Lead (EBSCO; 1 user); Interpersonal Communication (OER); Nonviolent Communication (EBSCO; unlimited users); What Makes Love Last? (EBSCO; 3 users)

COMM 8 (Sayles) Communicating to Connect: Interpersonal Communication for Today (OER)

Computer Information Systems

CIS 12 (Romero) Think Java, Version 6.1.3 (OER)

Early Childhood Education


ENGL 1A (Jean) Gulliver's Travels (ProQuest; unlimited users); Utopia: Second Edition (ProQuest; unlimited users); The Trial (EBSCO; 2 users); Candide (ProQuest; unlimited users); Bird of Paradise (EBSCO; 1 user); How the Other Half Banks (EBSCO; unlimited users); Paying the Price (EBSCO; 1 user)

ENGL 1A (Mondor) Between the World and Me (EBSCO; 1 user); The Sum of Us (EBSCO; 1 user)

ENGL 1A (Roberson) What We’re Fighting for Now is Each Other (EBSCO; 1 user)

ENGL 1A (Rhodes) Between the World and Me (EBSCO; 1 user); Bird of Paradise (EBSCO; 1 user); Grit (EBSCO; 3 users); How the Other Half Banks (EBSCO; unlimited users); New Jim Crow (EBSCO; unlimited users); Paying the Price (EBSCO; 1 user); Power of Habit (EBSCO; 1 user); White Fragility (EBSCO; 1 user)

ENGL 1B (Jean) Animal Farm: A Fairy Story (EBSCO; 1 user); Battle Royale (EBSCO; 3 users); Cat's Cradle (EBSCO; 1 user); Children of Men (EBSCO; 1 user)Fahrenheit 451: A Novel (EBSCO; 3 users); The Handmaid's Tale (EBSCO; 1 user); Neuromancer (EBSCO; 1 user)Parable of the Sower (EBSCO; 1 user); Slaughterhouse-Five (EBSCO; 1 user)

ENGL 1B (Maiullo) The Heart is a Lonely Hunter (EBSCO; 1 user)

ENGL 1B (Mondor) Yes, Chef: A Memoir (EBSCO; 1 user)

Environmental Science

ENVSC 10 (Orr) Introduction to Environmental Science (OER); The Habitable Planet (OER)

ENVSC 11 (Blakemore) Sand County Almanac: With Essays on Conservation (EBSCO; 1 user)

Forestry & Natural Resources

FNR 31 (Elder; McCarthy) Geospatial Concepts: The Fundamentals of Geospatial Science (OER)

FNR 32 (McCarthy) Essentials of Geographic Information Systems (OER)

FNR 51 (Elder) Trees and Shrubs of California (EBSCO; 1 user)

FNR 77 (Houghton) Fire in the Forest (ProQuest; unlimited users)


GEOL 1 (Wright) An Introduction to Geology (OER)

GEOL 2 (Wright) Historical Geology (OER)


GUID 8  (Klingonsmith) What Color is Your Parachute? 2020 (EBSCO; 1 user); What Color is Your Parachute for Teens (EBSCO; 1 user)

GUID 47 (Klingonsmith) The Leadership Challenge (ProQuest; unlimited users)

Health Occupations

HO 151 (Frye) The Language of Medicine (10th) (EBSCO; 1 user); Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary (EBSCO; 1 user)


HIST 8 (Merriwether) Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass (OER); Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass (ProQuest; unlimited users)

HIST 9 (Merriwether) Radical King (EBSCO; 1 user)

HIST 9 (Sokolow; Syrdal) Coming of Age in Mississippi (EBSCO; 1 user)

HIST 20 (Courtnage) Adventures of Ibn Battuta: A Muslim Traveler of the Fourteenth Century (EBSCO; 1 user)


KINS 65 (White) Foundations of Kinesiology (EBSCO; 3 users)


MATH 5 (Ammon; Gill; Heese; Jackson; Olsen) Math in Society (OER)

MATH 10 (Keiber) Prealgebra 2e (OER); Algebra and Trigonometry (OER); Introductory Statistics (OER)

MATH 15 (Gill) Statistics Done Wrong: The Woefully Complete Guide (ProQuest; unlimited users)

MATH 15 (Pace) Introductory Statistics (OER)

MATH 15 (Heese) OpenIntro Statistics (OER)

MATH 25 (Jackson) Algebra and Trigonometry (OER)

MATH 30 (MacDonald; Nickle) College Algebra (OER)

MATH 30 (Wall) Precalculus, an Investigation of Functions (OER)

MATH 50A (Buntin) Calculus, Volume 1 (OER)

MATH 50B (Pace) Calculus, Volume 2 (OER)

MATH 50C (Jackson) Calculus, Volume 3 (OER)

MATH 130 (Nickle) Intermediate Algebra 2e (OER)

Native American Studies


NURS 1 (Bell; Rivera) Nursing Diagnosis Handbook 11th (EBSCO; 1 user)


PHYS 2A (Kramer) College Physics (OER)

PHYS 4A (Kramer) University Physics volume 1 (OER)

PHYS 4B (Kramer) University Physics volume 2 (OER)

PHYS 4C (Kramer) University Physics volume 3 (OER)

Political Science

POLSC 10 (Meriwether) American Government 2e (OER)


PSYCH 1 (Mancus) Exploring Psychology (ProQuest; 1 user)

PSYCH 1 (Quiggle) Psychology 2e (OER)


SOC 1 (Maher) Hand to Mouth (EBSCO; 1 user)

SOC 5 (Pike-Virtiak) How to Be an Antiracist (ProQuest; 1 user); There, There (EBSCO; 1 user)

SOC 9 (Maher) All the Single Ladies (EBSCO; 1 user); We Should All Be Feminists (EBSCO; 1 user); Yes Means Yes! (ProQuest; unlimited users)

SOC 33 (Maher) Last Dance (ProQuest; 1 user)