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Primary Sources: Accessing and Using

Links to sources of primary documents in the Credo Reference database and other CR Library resources

About the Primary Sources guide

Many reference works include primary source documents as part of their appendices or supplementary materials. College of the Redwoods's Credo Reference database contains many of these primary sources, and we've created this LibGuide to help you find and use them more easily.

Primary sources are a key part of research for many disciplines, most notably history and the social sciences. Unlike secondary sources, primary sources are often created by an individual or group and demonstrate their understanding of events. Thus, these works often express a singular point of view, some of which have been disproven with time. When using primary sources, its important to consider who created the source and under what context, as well as the state of the world at the time that the source was created. 

For more information about using primary sources, visit the link below, or ask one of our friendly CR librarians.

Remote Login Required

If you are off campus or using a wireless device while on campus, you may be prompted to login to get into the database. This is what you will see:

Remote login is required to prove that you are a student at College of the Redwoods, because these library databases are not free, open website available to anyone. Library resources are valuable and often expensive, because the information provided is reliable, credible, and based on a lot of work by many people. The library pays for student, faculty, and staff access.