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Printing and Copying

Both color and black & white printing are available at the Library using the Pcounter system.  The Pcounter system is also used in computer labs throughout the college.  Black and white copies are eight cents per printed side; color copies (available only in the library) are 25 cents per side. Library printers by default will print double sided, black and white. You must specifically choose any other print options when you send your print job.

Get set up for printing & photocopying

Create your account

Add value online, using a credit or debit card

  • After creating your account, or if you already have an account, go to the same URL linked above
  • Log in to your account, and choose the “Add Value” option
  • Follow the instructions on the site
  • Be sure to log off when you are done if you are using a college computer, or any public access computer.

Add value in the library, using cash

  • Go to the Add Cash Value Station in the library
  • Login to your account with your username and password
  • Insert quarters, dimes, nickels, $1 or $5 bills into the nearby cash machine
  • On the computer screen, use arrows or type the amount you wish to add to your account
  • Click “Transfer” to transfer funds
  • Click “Finish” to log off

Send your print jobs to the printer

  • Use any computer in the library
  • Open and send your print job, use quick print to accept default double sided black & white
  • Choose a printer: LRC-B&W (Black & White) - 8¢ or LRC-COLOR - 25¢
  • For one-sided prints, deselect double-sided printing
  • Enter your Pcounter username and password when prompted

Pay & Print

  • Go to Print Release Station
  • Enter your Pcounter username and password
  • Click to select your print job(s), then click “Print” to pay for and release job(s) to the printer
  • Your account is debited to pay for the print jobs
  • Your print jobs are delivered to the printer- remember to pick them up!

For photocopies

  • Login to your account at the printer/copier
  • Copy options will display after you login
  • Use the feed tray or lift the lid for manual copies

Please ask staff for assistance if necessary

Adding Cash Value - detailed instructions