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Citation Help: Ethnic NewsWatch (ProQuest)

Correctly citing your sources is critical to research project success. The guide provides students with support in learning APA and MLA styles.

Follow this link below to access the Ethnic NewsWatch database. 

Consult this detailed guide for specific instructions on using Ethnic NewsWatch. This database has some content and features that are different from the library's other databases. Short, summary information, only on collecting citations, is in the boxes directly below.

Collecting Citations from Ethnic NewsWatch, step 1

A search for #metoo found several thousand results. That search was limited by date and newspaper articles were excluded. From the remaining articles, three were selected by using the check box to the left of the article title as shown.

Notice the blue circled "Cite" icon . Click on this icon to pop open a window with citation options, as shown in the next box below.

This will generate ONLY a CITATION LIST for your selected (check marked) articles. It will not generate for print, save, or email, the full text of the articles. In this database, collecting the citations and collecting the full text of the articles, are done in separate steps.

You can collect citations for articles individually. First, click the title to open the article. Then, look for the "Cite" option at the top right above the article. It looks exactly the same as this icon for selected articles, however, it will generate a citation only for that one article you have opened. 

Collecting Citations from Ethnic NewsWatch, step 2


Here's the Cite options pop-up window. Review all the options carefully, and make your selections. The default citation format is APA 6th edition. There is an option for MLA, but only for the 7th edition. MLA is currenlty in it's 8th edition, which is very different from the 7th edition. First, confirm with your instructor which format is required. If MLA 8th edition is required, you will need to check your citations from Ethnic NewsWatch with the current MLA handbook available in the library, or use NoodleTools, or use the library handout to update your citations. 

Copy the entire citation list from the pop-up window, or use the "Email" option to send the list to yourself, where you can then copy and paste the citation list from your email message. Printing is an option, however, you will then need to re-type everything into your document. The "Export" feature only works if you have purchased a separate bibliographic utility as an add-on to your word processing software.