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Citation Help: CQ Researcher

Correctly citing your sources is critical to research project success. The guide provides students with support in learning APA and MLA styles.

CQ Researcher Citations

All CQ Researcher reports will have a "Cite Now!" button along with other options to save your search results. 

After selecting that option, you'll see citation styles to choose from, including APA as shown, but also MLA and others. Use Copy & Paste to add this citation to your document or to an email message.

Not shown in this snip is the option to "Export to:" various add-on utilities, none of which are offered or provided by the library. Many CQ Researcher reports are available as text or PDFs. Either format, you still need to collect the citation separately. 


CQ Researcher: APA only!

All CQ Researcher reports will also provide an APA style citation at the end of the report. You can copy and paste this, or if you print the text version of the report, it will be included on the printout.

APA style is the default for CQ Researcher, and this end-of-document citation can't be changed. If you need MLA or other format, you'll need to use another option.