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Book of the Year: 2016-17: Home

Between the World and Me, by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Introduction to the Book of the Year 2016-17

The Book of the Year Program encourages reading and discussion among students, staff, and community members.  Whether fiction or nonfiction, books are chosen to serve as stepping stones to more books and more discussion by introducing compelling voices that help to illuminate aspects of our world which may be unfamiliar.  Books are also chosen to help augment themes, concepts, or actions that are relevant to the diversity of courses and programs at the college.  Our ideal book is one that cannot be put down, one whose characters, places, and events linger in the reader's mind long after the last page has been read.

Useful and Relevant Search Words

These are some of the search words that students may need for a research project related to this Book of the Year. Other words may be useful in addition to those listed below. Consult your textbook, class notes, or assignment guidelines for topic ideas. Consider what words you use to describe the issues, topics, or concerns that interest you.


Use specific words. Use only one or two words. Try both plural and singular forms. Try varying combinations. Try words for specific issues relevant to the topic.Try both technical and common usage words. Try names of relevant places or persons. When searching for topics relating to African Americans, remember that different words have been used in the past, and titles of older books will remain unchanged. Also, many search engines will interpret the hyphen symbol as a "NOT" operator, such that African-Americans may be searched as, Africans but NOT Americans, so it's a good search strategy to leave a space, rather than the hyphen, when searching for any hyphenated words. You may want to try different spellings, for example, British spelling such as "coloured."

African American men

African American women

African Americans attitudes

African Americans public opinion

African Americans social conditions

Black Americans


Colored people


Discrimination and race



People of color

Person of color

Race awareness

Race discrimination

Racial discrimination

Race relations

White people

White privilege

White racism


Whites attitudes

Call Numbers for Browsing

College of the Redwoods Library Call Numbers

Books in College of the Redwoods library are filed by the Library of Congress system that uses letter-number combinations assigned by subject, so that most books about the same subject will be filed together on the shelf. HSU Library uses this same system, and so do most colleges and universities in the United States. Browse the titles on the shelf in the sections listed below for relevant research topics. 

E 185 African American History

HQ 1150 - 1160 African American Women

HV 9000 African Americans and social issues, problems

PN 2200 African American theater, performers

PS 153 African American literature


Public (or County) Library Call Numbers

Most public or county libraries in the United States will use the Dewey Decimal system, which uses numbers, and each number section represents a subject, so that books about the same subject are filed together on the shelf. Below are listed some number sections that are relevant to this subject. Remember to also check the Juvenile or children's collection, the YA or Young Adult collection and the Reference collection.

  • 305 - 345 Race Relations, Civil Rights

  • 921 - 925 African American History, biographies

Faculty Librarian

Cathy Cox's picture
Cathy Cox
Cathy Cox
Library Director
College of the Redwoods
7351 Tompkins Hill Rd.
Eureka, CA 95501

For Del Norte and Distance Education students

Online resources are set up to be accessible to all students from any location at any time. You may be prompted to login using your WebAdvisor ID and your eight digit birth date.  Physical format books from Eureka can be requested and delivered to Del Norte, and vice versa. 

Citation Styles

Always ask your instructor what citation style should be used for research projects. See below for links to helpful resources.